GMC Guidance For Doctors

The General Medical Council (GMC) has set out guidance to help your General Practitioner (GP) when prescribing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for TransMen and TransWomen.

This Guidance is freely accessible, and can be found at this this link

Please assist your GP by bringing this guidance to their attention for them to read and understand, it will only take a few minutes. Do not barge in and demand that they provide you with hormones because the GMC says so.

Please work with your GP to get the best treatment for you.

The Gender Identity Service (GIS) has, in conjunction with their team of endocrinologist’s, developed a set of documents that are designed to assist your GP when you ask them to prescribe ‘Bridging Hormones’ for you.

Prescribing Bridging Hormones may be unfamiliar ground for your GP, but the GIS has put these documents together so that they can quickly, but safely, prescribe the minimum dosage of HRT. This will help alleviate feelings of Dysphoria, but will also initiate medical transformation while you are awaiting specialist treatment and advice from the GIS.

Do not start Bridging Hormones unless you have considered all of the benefits and the consequences … your body will not return to its former state should you change your mind further down the line …

Prescribing Bridging Hormones to TransMen

Prescribing Bridging Hormones to TransWomen