New Venue – New Schedule

Now that things are stabilising, and we are learning how to manage risks and get used to the threat of COVID-19 and it various strains; we have started with Face-to-Face meetings, again.

Admittedly it wasn’t a good start for us, with just me and my wife, Courtney, for a couple of weeks, but numbers are picking up again and we are growing, steadily.

We also had a change of venue.  MESMAC who kindly hosted TransWakefield within their office space, had to downsize and as a result closed the Wakefield office.  Finding another location was easy, The New Union, in Wakefield, is big LGBT+ pub and has been a supporter of me on a personal basis, and of TransWakefield, so a quick word with the landlord and our meetings now take place at The New Union, Almsgate, Wakefield.

We also took the step of moving to meeting every Thursday, 6:30-9:30, and later if you want to !

Why not come down and join us, The New Union is a very friendly place and welcomes everyone, and that goes for TransWakefield too.