What medical treatments do some Transgender people seek when transitioning?

Some, but not all, transgender people undergo medical treatments to make their bodies more congruent with their gender identity and help them live healthier lives.

While transition-related care is critical and even life-saving for many transgender people, not everyone needs medical care to transition or live a fulfilling life.

Different transgender people may need different types of transition-related care. People should make decisions about their care based on their individual needs. Medical procedures can include:

  • hair growth or removal treatments
  • hormone therapy
  • various surgeries to make one’s face, chest, and anatomy more in line with one’s gender identity

While not everyone needs transition-related medical treatments, there is an overwhelming consensus in the medical community that they are medically necessary for many transgender people and should be covered by private and public insurance. Every major medical organization in the United States has affirmed that transition-related medical care is safe and effective, and that everyone who needs it should be able to access it. Unfortunately, this critical care is often denied by insurance companies, often in spite of state and federal laws.