So everything hits me like a tidal wave a tsunami if you will, life crashes around you throws you against the rocks, but the moments where its peaceful the calm before the storm its beautiful.

When you stand on the shore of every choice you make you breath you look at the horizon and what may lay beyond and in that split second before you take that leap you shudder in fear and doubt of what’s to come.

You step forward despite all that and then the first wave hits you and drags you under with the current you hold on for dear life praying you don’t drown and then you resurface you feel alive.

Feeling alive with every wave that batters you down but you keep pushing to fight for your life your right to exist your right to just be who you are so when people throw their words and the stones take it like a ship against a wave in a furious storm.

Feel alive in the moment and the waves will calm eventually when you see beyond the horizon and make it to where you want to be. 

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